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Updated: 21/06/15

Data Centre Relocation and JIRA upgrade

Friday 19 June - Sunday 21 June 2015

  • SICorp's IT systems have moved to the new Government Data Centre (GovDC). The move of ICT systems to GovDC is part of a NSW ‘Whole of Government’ initiative to minimise costs and to provide transparency and reliability of ICT services for Government agencies.

Upgrade of JIRA

  • SICorp has used this opportunity to upgrade the issue management system JIRA to version 6 from version 4. All the functionalities currently in version 4 are available in version 6,with the primary difference between the 2 versions being improvements around user navigation and the user interface.

Support Contact

  • For any questions or issues related to the data centre relocation and the JIRA upgrade, contact the TMF Help Desk on (02) 9228 3858 or email.

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Archived Headlines

Edited: 21/06/15

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