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Finity Consulting

Finity is Australia and New Zealand’s largest independent actuarial and analytical consulting firm. Powered by smart, results-oriented people with an unrivalled depth of industry experience, they provide a unique perspective across a wide range of business challenges.
The appointed actuary role is a core area of their expertise. Infinity work with over 30 insurers, undertaking Insurance Liability Valuations and Financial Condition Reports that allow them to meet their statutory obligations. Their analysis and insights ensure our clients are in a position to make sound judgements about their business and its liabilities.
They possess 100+ professional staff who have unmatched breadth and depth of reserving experience across all general insurance classes and deep knowledge of the health insurance sector. Infinity's range of services to insurers features all aspects of financial management and regulatory reporting including External Peer Review, suitable risk margins and ICAAP support.


Tel: (02) 8252 3300
Updated: 05/05/17