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Agency Advisory Council

The icare self insurance Agency Advisory Council (AAC) is a consultative forum enabling agencies participating in the icare tmf (Treasury Managed Fund) to communicate their views to  icare self insurance. Selected by icare self insurance.  ACC members as part of their membership council members must maintain a icare tmf wide perspective and consider the interests of all icare tmf member agencies.
The ACC allows icare tmf member agencies to:
  • Participate in the direction, development, and performance of the icare tmf
  • Review, make recommendations, and foster best practice about issues affecting the icare tmf and member performance
  • Appeal their allocation of risk management resources



Membership consists of nine senior executive representatives from agencies holding positions with responsibility for General Risk Management, Occupational Health and Safety or Workers Compensation; the Chair of the Public Sector Risk Management Association (PSRMA); and a NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation representative:
  • Peter Riordan (Chair), Department of Education and Community
  • Steve Hunt, icare self insurance
  • Wendy Hughes, NSW Health
  • Diamond Breda, Department of Planning & Environment
  • Fiona Trussell, Roads and Maritime Services
  • Ross Duncombe, NSW Police Force
  • Aiden Hughes, NSW Police Force
  • Alison Donohoe, Fire and Rescue
  • Terry Natsia, Sydney Water
  • Rebecca Angelkovic, Department of Finance, Services and Innovation 
Invitees to the Council include a representative of each of the Claims Managers, Risk Management Services provider, Actuarial advisor, Reinsurance provider and icare self insurance. Council members are appointed for a fixed term of four years.


Susan Rafty
Executive Officer
Self Insurance, icare
Tel:        (02) 9228 3647
Updated: 27/02/2017