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The icare tmf Community is made up of the activities and organisations that support the icare tmf and their members.


The Agency Advisory Council is a consultative forum enabling agencies in the icare tmf to communicate their views to icare self insurance.

Communities of Practice

A community of practice is generally understood to be a group of practitioners with a common purpose, common challenges, and common needs. Typically, a community of practice offers opportunities to:
  • share information
  • access knowledge
  • develop understanding
  • acquire expertise
  • solve problems
  • foster relationships
  • build reputations
  • develop best practice principals
The communities of practice are:
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Safety Risk Management and Injury Management Coalition
  • Injury Management Group
  • Health Promotion Network
  • MIDAS Forum (Mid sized agencies)
  • Enterprise Risk Management Group

Seminars and Groups

The icare tmf community also consists of informal groupings and regular seminars organised by members of the community. These are:
  • Public Sector Rehabilitation Coordinators Network (PSRCN) - quarterly seminar
  • NSW Health Risk Management Liaison Committee
Updated: 15/07/16