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Employers Mutual Limited Training plan

EML delivers training state wide for agencies in their portfolio.  Feedback on events hosted in 2013 was very positive about both the content and organisation.  An E-Learning product for Health Agencies was launched in June 2013 offering six training courses.  EML plans to offer the E-Learning courses to other agencies in 2014 once it has been endorsed by the Health Education and Training Insitute (HETI).

The key objectives of the EML's training plan are to:

* Support agencies to effectively coordinate, design and deliver agency led training programs

* Increase agency awareness and capability to prevent and manage injuries in the workplace

* Deliver tailored training programs for agencies on best practice early intervention strategies and management of suitable duties for improved return to work outcomes

* Provide agencies with access to an agency wide online learning system which encompasses injury prevention and management modules

* Support agenices in effectively and efficienlty obtaining relevant and meaningful data from SICorp's online Agency Reporting Solution

* Support agencies in implementing suitable employment principles into their return to work processes.

Updated: 03/03/14