Employers Mutual Limited (EML)


TMF Whiteboard


EML has provided specialist claims management services to the Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) since 2005.

The TMF team at EML provides the dedicated specialist claims management expertise needed to optimise work health and safety, and to help injured workers get their life back after injury. In particular, EML provides case management services and other specialist support for government departments including Ministry of Health (South), Police and Emergency Services, Planning and Premier and Cabinet.

EML has a team of over 240 staff working across the portfolio including case managers and specialist staff and partners with icare Self Insurance and agencies to provide industry leading claims management services.  Over the past 12 months, EML have delivered four major initiatives to support TMF and they include: – the launch of the Expert Guidelines: Diagnosis and Treatment of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Emergency Service workers; a reconditioning program for Police Officers, a work injury screening and early intervention study and a suite of training programs to improve Case Managers’ capabilities in dealing with complex claims.

Service Philosophy

Since their foundation in 1910, EML has dedicated its services to improving work health and safety for the benefit of members, workers and the broader community in which they support.

As the only workers compensation mutual in Australia, EML operates solely for the benefit of their members. Over the past 10 years, EML has invested $55 million in member benefit programs that improve recovery rates and help injured workers to return to work.


For more information visit www.eml.com.au.

Updated: 25/10/16