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Material on this NSW SICorp website is subject to copyright under the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth) and is owned by the State of New South Wales through the NSW Self Insurance Corporation.
You may download, display, print and copy any material on this site for your personal use or for non-commercial use within your organisation.
You must not copy, adapt, publish, distribute or commercialise any material contained on this site without acknowledging the source and including the copyright notice "© State of New South Wales through NSW Self Insurance Corporation".
Requests for further authorisation can be made by contacting us.
Please note that copyright in the materials appearing on websites which are linked to the SICorp site vests in the author of those materials or the author's licensee.
The NSW Self Insurance Corporation cannot and does not grant any permission or authority in respect of the copyright in the materials appearing at third party internet sites and strongly recommends that you refer to the copyright statements at those sites before making use of the materials.
Links to the NSW SICorp website
The Self Insurance Corporation welcomes links from your site to this website. If you plan to create a link, please follow these guidelines:
  • Links to the NSW SICorp website should preferably be to the homepage or other high level page. Linking to other pages may pose some risk, as the page to which you link may move or become unavailable.
  • The correct name for the site is 'NSW SICorp'.
  • The NSW Government logo is subject to copyright and may only be used by permission. It cannot be used for web linking purposes.
  • The NSW SICorp website should be opened in a new window and not within a frame of your own branding.
  • You must not use the link to provide, or in any way imply, endorsement by the NSW Self Insurance Corporation of your organisation, services or products.
  • You must not pass off content from the NSW SICorp website as your own. This includes copying or re-using parts of the site.