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Liability Declaration

The Liability Declaration captures the insurable risk exposure that icare tmf has in its dealings with the Public or a Third Party commercial entity, particularly in areas where the Government could be sued for an operation or activity that the Government is responsible for.
Primarily the Liability Declaration looks at:
  • Professional Indemnity (where advice given by a NSW public sector employee may cause harm or damage to a non-government third party)
  • Public Liability (any times where the public interact with a property or operation run by the NSW Government)
  • Product Liability ( any time where something a public sector entity makes goes wrong and could potentially harm or injure a non-government third party)
  • Motor Vehicle Indemnity (Trucks and vehicles tested or owned by government that could potentially damage or cause pollution to private people or property)
For further information on how to complete this form please refer to the following guide:.
Updated: 18/03/16
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