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Workers Compensation Declaration

In the Workers Compensation Line of Business, a ‘Policy’ typically represents a group of employees. This could be a group of employees representing a geographical location or a group of employees representing different business functions. 
It is important to recognise that the policy being declared against represents a group of employees that your organisation is responsible for (even though each icare tmf agency is structured differently).*
The Workers Compensation Declaration form covers five main areas:
  • Amount of Wages
  • Number of Full Time Employees (FTE) against different Occupation types
  • Any explanation of variance for a previous year
  • Any known or confirmed future splits and mergers of the policy
  • Any apprentices working within the agency.
For assistance in completing the form, please refer to the following guides:
* Please note Government has some complex service arrangements. As such it is not always clear which entity is responsible for a group of employees. The best rule to operate by is if they are on your payroll then you should declare them as your employees.
Updated: 18/03/16
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