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Risk Management Partnership Projects


icare self insurance’s Risk Management Partnership Projects (Partnership Projects) help create value for the NSW public sector. These collaborative partnerships enable icare self insurance to meet our customers’ unique and varied needs, and identify opportunities to share risk management solutions with other public sector agencies.


icare self insurance’s main role is to administer managed fund schemes serving NSW government agencies. The Treasury Managed Fund (TMF) is the largest fund scheme and TMF cover is broad: property, motor vehicle, liability, workers compensation and other miscellaneous areas of risk exposure.
We partner with our customers to reduce the frequency/impact of claims and preventable incidents in all areas of risk exposure as a way of:
  • Empowering our customers to manage their risks.
  • Promoting innovative approaches to directly or indirectly reducing risk in order to positively impact the number of claims and incidents.
  • Exemplifying the icare self insurance value proposition and the principles.

icare self insurance’s Value Proposition

Empowering and supporting agencies and the NSW government is at the heart of the icare self insurance value proposition:
We are the trusted risk adviser providing tailored insurance and risk solutions direct to the NSW government and community through a customer-centric operating model that leverages the core competencies of icare self insurance and icare and the strengths and capabilities of our partners.

The Principles Underlying our Approach


We provide broad cover to prevent workplace injuries and protect government assets and the state’s balance sheet.


We empower our customers to manage their risks and make better decisions by providing real-time data and insights.


We reward our customers for their effective risk management practices and delivering positive results for the people of NSW.

Listen & Respond

We provide flexible products and services tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of our customers.


We work with our partners to design and deliver innovative solutions for our customers today and tomorrow.

Positive Experience

We make it easy for our customers to engage and work with us, and deliver our services with empathy.

Initiating a Partnership Project

  • Partnership Projects can be initiated by either icare self insurance or our customers. 
  • Agencies with a project idea need to approach icare self insurance at the early stages of their idea so that everyone’s efforts are used as efficiently as possible. This is crucial to ensure that the project will satisfy the conditions and criteria thus giving it the strongest opportunity of becoming a Partnership Project.
  • We will work with agencies to develop the project concept based on the project conditions and evaluation criteria against which each proposal is evaluated. 

Partnership Project Conditions

All Partnership Projects must satisfy these four project conditions:
  • Promote risk management innovation in areas of value to both icare and the agency (e.g. improved claims outcomes or the creation of learnings that can be shared across the sector).
  • Identify and treat key contributing factors to preventable incidents relevant to the agency and/or the sector.
  • Reduce the frequency and impact of preventable incidents and claims for the agency and/or the sector.
  • Commit an equal share of the financial commitment required by the project budget.

Evaluation Criteria

The following evaluation criteria are used to evaluate all Partnership Projects:
  • The customer has provided evidence that they have the ability to incorporate the Partnership Project into their governance structure.
  • The customer’s executive team has considered mobilising and engaging the resources required to ensure the successful implementation of the Partnership Project.
  • The customer has provided evidence of their understanding and commitment to sustaining the Partnership Project after two years.
  • The Partnership Project design (i.e. framework, process, tools, and the other elements) indicates that the project will be a success by measurable standards.
  • The Partnership Project aims to deliver learnings that are anticipated to lead to a decrease in the number and/or size of claims and be transferable to other NSW public sector agencies.
  • Work Health and Safety (WHS) risks associated with the Partnership Project are identified, assessed, and eliminated (or at the very least minimised as much as reasonably practicable).
  • The Partnership Project is endorsed by the customer’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or equivalent (and the CEOs or equivalent of all the partners to the project).

For more information

We ask that agencies contact icare to discuss their project concept by 8 May 2017 with a view to commencing successful projects in the second half of the year.

To schedule a time to discuss your project idea, contact the Client Services team.

Updated: 27/03/17