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Suncorp Risk Services

Suncorp Risk Services (SRS) is the contracted provider of strategic risk management services to icare self insurance and the agencies of the NSW Treasury Managed Fund.

The SRS team of risk consultants have significant public sector and industry experience from a variety of disciplines. They are well placed to support agencies to develop risk management capability in the following risk management disciplines:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Injury Management
  • Clinical Risk Management

SRS focuses on building risk management capability across the icare tmf through the following: developing and delivering learning and development programs, organising seminars, facilitating networking opportunities between agency risk practitioners, assisting agencies assess the maturity of their systems for managing risk, coordinating the annual awards and biannual conference programs, and providing support and advice.

Communities of Practice

On behalf of icare Self Insurance, SRS facilitates communities of practice that bring together practitioners who share a profession or practice area. The icare tmf communities of practice enable agencies to communicate, share information and solutions, collaborate on risk management improvement projects and engage with central agencies. SRS facilitates the following communities of practice:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Organisational Resilience
  • Safety Risk Management and Injury Management Coalition
  • Injury Management Group
  • Health Promotion Network
  • MIDAS Forum (Mid sized agencies)

For further information on the icare tmf communities of practice see here or contact Suncorp Risk Services on 02 8121 9711.

Self Assessment Tool: Risk Management Framework

SRS’s enterprise risk management service integrates and supports every aspect of agency decision-making and planning. The consulting service uses a Risk Management Framework Self-Assessment Tool (RMFSAT). icare tmf-member agencies can engage SRS to facilitate a Risk Management Performance Review. Following the review, SRS presents a written report addressing the agency’s risk profile, maturity and opportunities for improvement to key decision-makers.

For further information on the RMFSAT please contact Bronwen McFarland on 02 8121 1233.

Self Assessment Tool: Work Health and Safety Management

SRS provides icare tmf member agencies access to safety performance improvements through consulting services and support using a WHS Self-Assessment Tool (WHSSAT). The WHSSAT is a WHS Management System maturity assessment tool based on WorkCover’s OHS&IM Improvement Standards, Australian Standard 4801 and current NSW WHS legislation. It has 12 standards, each one representing a fundamental component of an effective safety management system. By completing the WHSSAT as a self assessment or under the guidance of SRS through a facilitated assessment, agencies can learn the maturity of their safety systems against these standards.

For further information on the WHSSAT please contact Jill Charters on 8121 3713.

Injury Management

SRS is an accredited auditor for the provision of the internationally recognised Consensus-Based Disability Management Audit (CBDMA). This qualifies SRS to assess a icare tmf-member agency against international best practice principles and provide recommendations to improve current injury management systems. The CBDMA is available to selected icare tmf-member agencies.

For further information on the CBDMA please contact Jill Charters on 8121 3713.

Events and Seminars

SRS organises a number of events and seminars for icare tmf agencies specifically aimed at developing risk management capability. Events and seminars include the following:

  • icare tmf Risk Management Seminars – These are held four times per year, three in Sydney one at a regional location.
  • Public Sector Rehabilitation Coordinators Network (PSRCN) seminars - These are held three times per year and are organised in partnership with the icare tmf Claims Managers.
  • icare tmf Risk Management Conference – This is held biennially.
  • icare tmf Awards for Excellence – This is held annually.

For more information on events and seminars visit the Events page.

Learning and Development Opportunities

SRS helps build the professional knowledge of icare tmf member agency risk practitioners through a learning and development program.

For more information on learning and development visit the Events page.

Recognising Performance of icare TMF Agencies

The icare tmf Awards for Excellence are intended to provide an opportunity for icare tmf member agencies to showcase achievements within a variety of risk management related disciplines. In addition to recognising and celebrating agency achievements, the Awards provide opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

For more information on the Awards for Excellence visit the Suncorp Risk Services website

Consulting and Advice Opportunities

SRS can support and assist agencies to develop risk management capability and address risk management needs through tailored mentoring and advice services.

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