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SLA Working Group

icare self insurance holds itself and its claims management service providers to the highest levels of service delivery and performance. To this end, self insurance uses Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to set the minimum level of service that icare self insurance and icare tmf (Treasury Managed Fund) agencies expect to receive from claims management service providers during the term of the contract.

SLAs form part of the mandatory icare tmf Contract Conditions for claims management service providers.

In addition to setting minimum service levels, SLAs:

  • Establish a clear commitment by icare self insurance, icare tmf member agencies, and claims management service providers to ensuring a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective claims management service
  • Clarify the requirements and expectations of icare self insurance and the icare tmf member agencies
  • Clarify the responsibilities and expectations of the claims management service providers
  • Foster and support a partnering approach to claims management performance monitoring, underpinned by a set of agreed performance measures

Four SLA Working Groups, each comprising icare tmf member agencies and their claims management service provider, meet quarterly to review claims management performance using the SLA framework.  The four groups are:

  • SLA Working Group for Workers Compensation Portfolio 1 (Allianz)
  • SLA Working Group for Workers Compensation Portfolio 2 (EML)
  • SLA Working Group for Workers Compensation Portfolio 3 (QBE)
  • SLA Working Group for the General Portfolio (Non-workers compensation) (GIO)

icare self insurance co-ordinates and chairs the SLA Working Group meetings and provides a secretariat function.

Any significant performance issues arising from the SLA performance review process are reported to the icare tmf Agency Advisory Council.

Terms of Reference (PDF, 192KB)

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Updated: 17/03/16