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TMF Legal Panel

The icare tmf Legal Services Panel handles all icare tmf litigation for Member Agencies. The panel has been established through a public tender process. It has a Main Panel and a Supplementary Panel. Within these panels are lists for different areas of litigation. They are:

  • General Claims
  • Complex Claims
  • Workers Compensation
  • Employment
  • Protective Actions.

How does it work?

Cases are distributed equally between firms on the Main Panel using a legal panel management system called the NSW Legal Panel Gateway (LPG). The LPG is an internet based software system for managing procurement. icare self insurance, claims managers, member agencies and firms use the LPG. The Supplementary Panel will be used when: there is an overflow of work; a conflict of interest in the Main Panel that cannot be resolved; a firm with particular expertise; to develop the expertise of firms; and to replace an underperforming firm in the Main Panel.

The LPG provides updates, reports on key performance indicators and service level agreements, allocates work and measures costs.

Below is a diagram of how the Panel Governance Framework:

Panel Governance Framework

Why do we need a legal panel?

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that its use of legal services is efficient, fiscally sustainable and delivers value for money for the people of NSW.

The legal panel achieves the following for procurement of legal services:

  • Achieving transparency and accountability for expenditure and performance
  • Establishing innovative, alternate fee arrangements to provide certainty and control of costs
  • Establishing and maintaining constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with panel firms to partner with icare self insurance
  • Information sharing among panel firms, agencies, claims managers and icare self insurance to ensure continuous improvement
  • Reduction of duplication or unnecessary advice
  • An easily transportable legal panel among outsourced claims managers
  • Procuring cost effective, high quality legal services for the icare tmf.

More information

Outlining the model used, structure, governance, KPIs and the panel gateway. It also has all the information that has been sent out to agencies about the legal panel.

Mapping out how the NSW Government intends to realise savings in its use of legal services. It shows in detail how this legal panel is a key part of that reform.

The information received by firms who applied for the legal panel.


The icare tmf Legal Services Panel was part of a whole of government reform to achieve the following in legal services: better procurement practices, a more ‘informed purchaser’, better training and information sharing, and centralised coordination.

Late 2009

NSW Treasury reviewed legal services expenditure and sought advice on initiatives that could get better value. The icare tmf was found to constitute a large portion of the NSW Government’s legal spend, $62 million out of $296 million in 2008/09. Beaton Consulting reported to Treasury and one of their recommendations was that the NSW Government urgently establish legal cluster panels across the State. Beaton also recommended an automated allocation system for legal procurement. For the icare tmf legal panel, this is known as the LPG.

Early 2010

NSW Treasury establishes a cluster panel structure and 40 general counsel met and gave their unanimous support for a icare tmf Legal Services Panel.


Work began on approving and establishing the structure of the panel. The panel was appointed in mid 2013.

Updated: 01/07/14