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Travel Assistance

Travel protection for icare TMF

Dynamiq is a Sydney-based Emergency Management firm which provides support, advice and action for staff on official overseas travel in any unforseen situation.
As part of the benefits of being a member Dynamiq has a dedicated Assist Emergency Operations Centre number. Dynamiq’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is a hub staffed 24/7 by doctors, nurses, case managers, and security response experts who give you the help you need. Additional information and contact details for Dynamiq can be found here.

Plan your travel

PACE yourself before you go.
P - Plan and pack
A - Assistance and accountability
C - Communications and contingencies
E - Exits and emergencies

Support your people, operations and reputation 24/7

To get help when you need it call +61 2 9978 6682 for:
  • Emergency and non-emergency medical care
  • Your personal security needs
  • Questions or concerns about medical, safety and security symptoms
  • Access and referrals to local clinics, facilities and practitioners.

Dynamiq's website

Visit Dynamiq’s site to find out:
  • When to call Dynamiq?
  • What to do if you feel unsafe or threatened?
  • If there are concerns about the standard of local medical care
  • Why to use Dynamiq even if your health concern is minor?

For More Information

Need help? Or have a concern or enquiry?
Toll free +61 2 9978 6682
For more general information about Dynamiq, visit their website.

Log in instructions

If you are from an icare tmf agency, you can access Dynamiq's services via their website. To access these services, you will need to follow these steps:
1. Login to icare Self Insurance's website
2. Click on the link that will become available on the left hand menu of this page called "Login"
3. On the "Login" page, click on the link and you will be taken to Dynamiq's portal.
Updated: 28/07/17